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Property Deposit Refund Campaign


We should be looking for the following SCENARIO:

Less than 15 years period from the date of purchase contract. If the date of the purchase contract takes place before 15 years back, the case will require individual valuation.

The client must have bought as an individual person. In the case it took place under a company name, or under the name of an individual person who has bought more than one property, the case will also require a separate valuation

We will need the following Documents:


Copy of The Private Purchase Contract

Receipt of all the monthly Instalments

Identification of the buyer: Passport and NIE or Spanish Residence Card

Copy of the First Occupancy License o Building License of the Project

The lawyer in charge of the case will review all the documents and confirm the feasibility of the case.

Please note  Our Campaigns are “No win, no fee”

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